Comic Yuri Hime

I am a fan of Yuri manga and anime. One of the biggest purveyors of yuri stories is Comic Yuri Hime. In Japan, this magazine is published monthly and comes in at over 600 pages. Very little of it is advertising. Can you imagine anything like that being published in the U.S.?  Most of the stories in Yuri Hime are never translated. They are mostly one-shots. The popular mangaka or popular series have their stories translated quickly within days sometimes of the magazines’ release in Japan. Occasionally a series or a one-shot will be picked up years later. I have a plan to see every story from one issue eventually translated. I have a copy of the July 2014 volume of Yuri Hime. It may take years but I am going to give it my best shot. To begin with I have posted a copy of that issues cover with a limited translation. Thanks to Stan Miller, Ropponmatsu and Rae for their help with translating andCYHJuly2014 finetuning the somewhat poetic description of cover art. You’ll have to zoom in to see what is written in the red margin. One interesting thing is the amount of English used on the cover, Girls of summer, the word July and justice for girls were all written in English. Girls of Summer is the title of the cover art and the artists’ name is just below that Rin Suzu. 一生懸命がんばります  I’ll do my best. Better than this I hope as I see now that I didn’t properly straighten the image. *darn*


I have been doing work on a number of series that are not linked on this site. Still working on Asahinagu. Another series I do is called Re-kan! which is a funny 4-koma concerning a high school girl with a sixth sense and her new high school friends and their involvement with her unique senses. I work with Tabunne scans and their Minamoto Hisanari series. A few one-shots here and there which I intend to link here.